C16 106 – “Pride of Toowoomba”

C16 Class Background

The C16 class was designed in 1903 as an improved 4-8-0 loco and was built by various firms. By 1918 there were 152 C16’s in service with Queensland Rail. In the early 1920’s further developments of the basic design resulted in a new class which was introduced as the C17. The C16 class totaled 227 locos that served in Queensland and also on the Commonwealth Railway during WWII. In July 1950 there were still 142 C16’s in service, however by the time of dieselisation in the 1970′s only 5 remained. Only one loco (No. 106) escaped the scrapper’s torch and was placed in the Redbank Rail Museum.

No. 106 - Southern Cross Works Build 28

Steam locomotive No. 106 was built by the Toowoomba Foundry Company in 1914 and was one of 15 locos built for Queensland Rail to its C16 requirements. One of No. 106’s special duties was to assist (as a bank engine) the official “Drayton Deviation”  opening train pulled by No. 694 "Lady MacGregor" in 1915.

"Project 106" - Restoration of Steam Loco No. 106

Steam Loco No. 106 "The "Pride of Toowoomba" is a significant and important part of Toowoomba’s rich railway history. Downs Steam and its talented team of volunteers are committed to restoring this locomotive to operational order. Loco 106’s restoration is well underway, with the locomotive completely disassembled, the individual parts can be overhauled and the loco slowly reassembled. Although, due to the age of the loco many parts will need to be replaced or re-manufactured by specialist engineering firms. It is assessed that we will need an extra $150,000 within the next three years to be able to fully complete the restoration. Project 106 needs your help!